There's nothing harder than being yourself in this small world of ours.


my last post got screwed up for sum reason... :(

the smashing pumpkins 2nd last show is tonight. that sucks. oh well. maybe now moofy doofy will get off her ass and make a solo album that ive been dying for. the pop explosion. im waiting melissa........ move over britney.. here's melissa auf der maur!

in dave news: well... there is none. how boring am i? its wednesday, whats good on TV on wed? (or as i like to call it "wednesdave"!)

well im sure you're awkwardly perplexed, so im leaving.

that's it!



well... what a day.
first i come to school not prepared for my math quiz, but i think i did better than my usual 30% - maybe a 50 this time!
next class, next problem. biology presentation. i bombed it. it was terrible, i just read off the sheet. GRRR i think its worth 10% of my mark and im expecting a 60% because i made a cool posted by Daver at 8:57 PM


i have a biology presentation tomorrow and im so not ready. GRRR.
advice >>> never leave things to the last moment (i think thats called procrastination) well whatever it is.. DONT DO IT. you'll only lose in the long run!

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my teeth hurt! oooooowwwwwwwwwwwww :(

hey, i made another new entrance to this site... go check it out HERE


hey webgoers!

today i went to work with pa-pa and made $55. so i have more money to go xmas shopping, but i dont think i'll be spending this weekend.. its homework weekend! grrr..
i didnt catch the grinch yesterday, but i did see CHARLIES ANGELS! oh my gosh drew barrymore is a sex goddess! shes SOO hot in it. they did most of their stunts which was cool too. i think i may buy that when it comes out, i thought it was really good! my friends admitted it was good later, but only after i said i liked it a lot.

well i gotta go!



hey, qiuck post for all you dave groupies out there! (dont deny it!)

im going to the movies in about 1/2 an hour going to see the grinch. i heard it pretty good but one guy gave it a pretty bad review. he said they butchered the original story. i dont believe it. i wont!

sean is here now, he says hey!
we're waiting for corey to drive us to the movie.

go visit >>>
go visit >>>
go download >>> "hammering in my head" by garbage
go download >>> "be a man" by hole
go download >>> "south side" by moby featuring gwen stefani

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i want a dog for christmas. bottom line.

funny story / traumatizing story - every year my mom put all your presents in big garbage bags and leaves them at her friends house until xmas eve. so one year after she got them from her friends hosue she put the bags downstairs and then brought all the bags but ONE. so all the presents are out under the tree and i wake up at like 5, 6 am to open them all and then once i wake my sister up after she whines for 1/2 an hour or so ("fuck off! its too fucking early for christmas!") and then we go downstairs and start opening presents and i rip thru mine real quick and shes ripping through hers just as fast... but after like 5 minutes theres no more presents for me.... and shes still going and going.. opening... and im like "this ones for you.... this one too... oh - here's another!" and theres no more for me and she has like 3x more stuff than me. so i go upstairs with the best present i had recieved being one of the best presents ever "my body the hand grenade" by hole. anyways.. thats just a cd - wheres the other stuff??!?! how come i got so much less than her? well by this point im almost dying of this feeling like i got nothing for christmas (note to all parents: get your kids everything they ask for) and i walk into my sisters room and im like - i didnt get anything. so she thinks about it and she knows what mom got me. so she's like - wheres the ____ and the ____? and she goes and asks my mom.... "OH MY GOD!!! there's anothre bag down here!"

behold! all my lost presents.... i still have that feeling like its gonna happen again. scarrry.... oh well. that was my worst xmas EVER.

that's it!


another day, another blog.

today nothing really interesting happened. i made corey give up tapping me in biology class. i think he has sum strange disease of the tapping nature.
i went shopping for my sister and ending up empty handed. corey was driving everywhere cause he just got his G2 so we thought we'd be cool and go tot he new canadian tire near my house. it was just like all the other canadian tires... excpt smaller (it was a bit of a waste of space if you ask me). put another plaza or sumthing.... i think they're a mcdonalds going near there soon too! wow. fast food. yummmmmm

when we were shopping it was 59 cent burger day at mcdonalds so we got a couple burgers... corey bought 11! and only ate like 8 1/2. i had 5. wow. i was pretty stuffed. it only cost $3.16!
talk about food bargains.... i love the pickles in those things.

anywayz, i have lots more homework to do. i have to go out and buy overheads for my biology presentation on tuesday. im doing my project on lou gherigs disease.. its a pretty bad thing to have. most people die from it. YIKES

my mom picked up a lamp for my sister's xmas gift today so i really dont have to do much more shopping.. (seeing how i have $20 left!) and i managed not to dip into the ol' bank account. woohoo!

if there's bad spelling in my blogs, dont worry about it cause i type fast and i dont look at what i type.

Jon's going to see kittie soon. he has backstage passes that bastard. i still say he gets his new dog bogey signed. what a cool name, bogey. i wonder how they came up with it.

my sisters moving out on dec. 9th! my parents are gonna pick on me all the time now! ahhhhhhhhhh someone - can i come live with you? PLEEEEZZZZZZZZ

on that note-

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JON got his dog today. yay him! BOGEY!

anywayz, im off to do some christmas shopping - i'll report back when i return.

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hey, i just got back from my friend COREY's house and decided to write. we watched gladiator, one of the best movies ever! its so good..... rent it today. im getting it for christmas dammit and i cant wait!

we might be going to the mall for xmas presents tomorrow too. i still have to buy sumthing else for my mom, dad and 2 things for my sister.... all with $40? (HA! i better break out the artist in me and make sumthing of my own)

im hoping i'll get the music clip because my mom spent tons on my dad and hopefully as much on me (hehehe)

i found out that my ol' friends BRANDON and ANDRE and NINA are all gonna be meeting up in NYC to see andre's band play! wicked! i wish i could go.

JON's getting his dog tomorrow and he's gonna call it ROBBIE, cause i told him to. ;)
(if you're reading this jon, and i know you will - ROBBIE it is.)

im planning more for this site than just this weblog. so it'll all be up soon i hope (whenever i have spare time)

ps. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SEAN K! hope its a good one!

that's it!



i got home from shool just over an hour ago and i thought i'd write in.

i have a bio ISU (independant study project) and a media ISU to do soon, cause they're due. GRRR
and we're learning a new unit in math, the 2nd part of trig, with rads and stuff ( i think thats what they're called...)

it started snowing today! its was so cool! i was walking to school and i was so happy to live in canada! for once.
i'll take a picture when i get my digital camera!

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i just made a new entrance to this site, so if u came directly to this page, you'll wanna check it out HERE.

im BAAAACK! hehe
i just thought i'd include a small christmas list of things i want!
so here it is (in no particular order):

>sony music clip
>paint shop pro 7
>gladiator dvd
>x-men dvd
>matrix dvd
>robbie williams: sing when you're winning
>adobe premiere
>adobe golive
>adobe photoshop 6
>corel draw 10
>a digital camera
>a passing grade in math!

im sure i'll think of more later...

that's it!


go download >>> "christmastime" by the smashing pumpkins

hey, dave here (DUH), i just finished dinner and boy and i STUFFED. yum yum yum gotta love moms roast beef on sundays! we also had oreo ice cream cake. WHAT JOY! i'll make sure i finish off the rest of it tomorrow heh heh heh....

im trying to find a crack for dreamweaver 3 - a grrreat web design prog that is made by the geniuses at macromedia (
im also working on learning flash, a vector based program that make animation on a site a real snap.

ive been listening to my garbage compilation cd all day.
i went to the mall to buy christmas presents for my family and got this great sweater for my dad it was like $40 but the lady scanned it in and it turned out to be like 99% off or sumthing! i ended up paying only $17 or sumthing! i hope he dosnt see this blog cause then he'll know what hes getting. i also got my mom the abba gold cd that she asked for. i was almost gonna pick up the latest from ROBBIE WILLIAMS but my mom told me that if i came home with anything for myself she'd have to kill me (im on a tight budget you see...)

ok, thats it for today.

go download >>>> "supreme" by robbie williams
go download >>>> "malibu" by hole

go visit >>>>
go visit >>>>
go visit >>>>

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go download these songs NOW:

garbage - deadwood
garbage- 13x forever
holly mcnarland - i wont stay
smashing pumpkins - the last song
dandy warhols - bohemian like you (nice video.. hehe)
nirvana - where did you sleep last night (unplugged)
joydrop - beautiful
hole - awful
hole - best sunday dress
hole - gutless

that's it!


ok so here i am writing my first blog all thanks to my good pal JON. just thought i'd let him know hes kool and talented! i'll finish this blog later! now i have to go try and figure this thing out.