There's nothing harder than being yourself in this small world of ours.


hey people.

i got a new mouse today. its ~*OpTiCaL*~ ,wow.
i got 3 cds the other day,

greenday's dookie- one o fthe best cds of '94 haha
ROBBIE's Sing when You're Winning - how funky is he these days?
Moist's Creature- a cool cd that has like 4 or 5 good songs (so far)

i havent played monopoly with my pal jenn lately :(
i hear she went to england to polish up on her mono' skills. yup. its a fact.

my friends are planning on going to the big city, toronto (hehehe), for new years and i think thats a smashing good idea, dont you?!?

why am i writing my blog in an english accent? what a strange case i am today. maybe its the mouse... but i doubt it. maybe its the smoke in the air from my mother taking up smoking again. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR on her. no kisses for mama until she quits! BOO HOO for her!!

maybe i can get away now without sounding like a complete mama's boy, YO DID YOU WATCH FOOTBALL ON TV? *GUNTS* YEAH! FOOTBALL!!!

there we go.

so i went to the mall which is where i bought my cds and me and my bud sean went to mcdonalds and sat beside this older man who started commenting about the weather. Well we agreed, it was mighty cold and we'd better bundle up. He seemed nice but in Oshawa, you never really know, and i couldnt have been more true with this man. A little later as i chewed down on my big mac meal (super sized - i regretted it later!) two guys about ym age walked in to eat and looked over our way, the old man shouted out "Jordan!", one of the boys looked over and smiled and said to the other, hey its "____" (i dont remember the old mans name) and they came our way and started talking to him. well i didnt really think much of it, only that it seemed odd that both of them knew him, maybe they did charity work and met him or something, (?????) well the old man kept on about the snow outside and how cold it was and you'll need somethign to keep yourself warm etc. (damn im nosey) then we got up and left, our burgers done and sean looks at me and says "yo mad dealer..." and then he told me about how he overheard them talking about efficient ways to get real high off some drugs or sumthing... hmmmmm. i knew something wasnt right about him. oh well. that was my little drug experience ;)

well on a much lighter note, well.... i dotn have a god damn light note!

that's it!



Hey people, i saw "girl, interrupted" today and i have to admit angelina jolie deserved that oscar for her performance. she was good.

melissa auf der maur rocks. whats that? you dont know who she is? hmmmmmm.... well shes only the bestest thing to come outta canada since well.... ME! (that means GOOD)

i hope you enjoyed my xmas rant in the last post. i thought you all deserved a good long blog for once.

well i gtg play monopoly..... i seem to be playing so often nowadays... JENNNNNNNNN

that's it!


after just winning game after game after game of monopoly, i have been COMMANDED to write another blog for you all! and christmas is over and i had a wonderful chirstmas, i hope everyone had one too! my dad got his digital camera which will come in handy for this page! i'm going to bring it to school one day if he lets me, and take pictures of all my friends so i can post it here for you all to see! each friend with their own gallery of pictures! WHAT FUN!!!?

so i guess you're wondering what i got. well heres a small list!:

5 dvds including
- GLADIATOR, only the best movie of 2000.
- X-MEN, destined to be a cult classic
- THE MATRIX, woowee batman! this guy can dodge bullets!
- Jurassic Park I & II, only like the best movie of the 90's and its sequel. How scary that kitchen scen was in the first one, eh?

Paint Shop Pro 7, a great photo editing program that will come in handy when doing this site!

my dog - check it out @

Guess Who- try playing this board game with up to 6 cards for people to guess with... its not a kids game anymore..... ;)

two of the most entertaining dreamcast games:

Crazy Taxi - be a taxi driving and dont obey ANY laws whatsoever! the faster you get to the destination, the more you get paid!

Virtua Tennis - wow. never played a tennis game so real and fun! also quite challening and entertaining to watch even!

ok, more presents....

i got a waterfall thing.. its really crappy. ever got a present you wanted alot then hooked it up and realized that it sucks? well i did! they sure as hell made it look nicer on the damn box! BASTARDS!

Clothes... a fake tommy shirt (i THINK its FAKE, i dunno... im not big on tommy, is it supposed to say tommy on the little neck tag, cause mine DOESNT. GRRR) cargo pants, i dunno, they're way too long.

cologne - adidas moves. i smell like dirty running shoes! ITS EVERYTHING IVE EVER WANTED!

gift ceritificates for cds! YAY im gonna get robbie williams' "sing when you're winning" cd. BRILLIANT CHAP.

ummmmmm, a cd holder, a cork board to but all my memos up on. i got chocolate, did i mention that yet? mmmmmm cocococococococococo

a got sum turkey. that was good.

money. i got money. i tried to spend it today but the stores were SOOOOOOOOO crowded... yikes.

i guess im not doing anything tonite cause its like 12 already. meh. i can go without for one night ;P

maybe i'll go brush up on my monopoly skills, WAIT! i dont need to! hahaha Jenn, you'll never win again! and if you do you'll wish you NEVER crossed me an the GO square again.

well i gotta go, i'll try and buy things tomorrow if i can.


that's it!



i thought i'd add the list of things i like to this blog. here they are:

The Internet
AOL Instant Messenger (the eraser of any productivity whatsoever)
Graphics Design
Going to the movies
Courtney Love (most of the time)
Shirley Manson
Linking things
Having pet peeves with people
Complaining about people who I dont even know
Funny people
Writing things down
Video games
Bright vibrant Pictures
Glossy photo paper
Commodore 64
TV movies
Soft fuzzy materials (FUN FUR!)
Going to bed
Hi-speed modems
Big cardboard boxes
Snow forts
The outside
Great books
Warm baths
Blank sheets of paper
Apple pie
Candy canes
Food in general
Surround sound
Robbie Williams
Trauma in the E.R.
The Simpsons
Drew Barrymore
The Learning Channel
Music videos
Britney Spears
Paint shop pro
Corel photo paint
Going to friends houses

can you think of any more things that i like that i left out?
email them to me AT

that's it!


hey, right now im working on the site a bit and thought i'd add some more content by writing anothre blog.

Well, it's christmas eve. Ho Ho Ho.
I hope you're all having a wonderful time and getting really fat on strange festive meals. Yum yum yum munch munch munch. i played a game of monopoly online with my friend jenn, i lost. i shoulda never gave her illinois! oh well, there's a rematch later tonite and i wont be so kind..... (what was i thinking giving away the game like that?!?!)

well today i found out a number of things:

im not so excited about christmas coming,
robbie williams is gay,
and tennis is a damn entertaining sport.

if you have any suggestions for my site simply email me AT , i look forward to reading your suggestions (if you're reading this then you obviously know as i do that this place can be improved - look at it....)
i've got a few ideas in mind.

my sister is staying over tonite. she ate 1/2 my pizza and it made me mad cause now theres none for breakfast, we always have leftover pizza for "breaky" on christmas day.

still no clue what im getting other than that cd shaped present there. hmmmmmmmm i hope i get chocolate... yummmmm. whats christmas without chocolate.

i think i know what people write xmas instead of christmas, cause writing christmas is just takes too long. so i will also refer to it as xmas from now on. :)

ya know what i need? some happy faces in this blog. like graphical happy faces. hmmmm not a bad idea dave, not bad at all. there ya go - thats how easy it is to give me a suggestion, so send all your suggestions to me AT

p.o. box 38362
santiga, pretzelville

im sure mona will love them.

that's it!



eh, my friends arent that bad ;)

2 days til chirstmas! YAY! what ever am i going ot get? hmmmmmm i saw a cd shaped present under the tree... hmmmm maybe its robbie williams? i cant think of any other cds i asked for....

i have bruises on my knees from toboganning... it was tons of fun tho!

i have 2 weeks off so now i get to work on this site! YAY SITE!
im gonna try and make everyone xmas gifts! i know i wont get around to it cause today im making tons of mp3s to send to brooke @, shes cool. i have to work on my math isu and my communications stuff tho. and have tons of fun with my friends and stuff. i was gonna go see the grinch last night but i guess there was sum sort of misinterpretation, cause i didnt end up going.

right now im listening to "having a blast" by greenday. i broke my dookie CD cause i hated them at one point. now they're real good. Last year i started liking nirvana, a bit late huh? oh well.

courtney love needs your prayers. pray for her. hahaha
that is so funny "courtney love needs your prayers" anyways,
i downloaded a bunch of songs off napsteroni today. what fun!

if anyone can find a good quality version of "awful" by hole from letterman.... send it to me!!!! PLLLEEEZZZ it can be my xmas present from anyone! im dying for it! arg!

well, i have stuff to see and people to do...

that's it!



why is it that my friends must talk behind my back?
answer me that.


have i gotten any work done at all today? NO.

i watched a couple christmas movies today. and i started my radio station! go to: to hear it! its a whole mix of stuff i like! right now "breathe" by prodigy is on... great song!

so i didnt go tobogganing. but tonight im going to yuk yuks, its a comedy club, ive never been before. i hope its funny. it better be. i hope i dont sit there going "HUH? i dont get it......." while everyone else is pissing themselves. my grade 7 teacher always told me i should go to yuk yuks cause i was funny. meh.

ok, im gonna get this site up and running over the holidays. MARK MY WORD. i'll spend like 1/4 of my 2 week break on it, maybe more. i have 6 sections planned but im not sure about 1 of them. they are: me, blog, photos, write, radio, xtras.
im not sure about the write one. its all my lines i write down and turn into songs and stuff. its just a hobbie of mine.

im gonna incorporate flash into each section and eventually shoot for a mainly flash site.

today i learned how to shape tween. thats where u turn one shape into another. very cool.
anywayz, corey is coming to get me i think cause hes getting pizza and then we're going to his house. YAY!


that's it!



today i havent done much but perhaps there will be more to do later. ive got some work done on my ISU but i cant see it as being done for monday (its due wednesday, but i was shooting for monday)

i was just watching american pie but the damn screensaver came on and then the movie just started repeating itself over and over (the audio - ever had that happen?) ehe, i didnt wanna watch it anyways.

my moms having all her friends over tonite, i guess it for christmas or sumthing and shes being terribly irrational. i had a couple chips fall on the floor and she was like "PICK THOSE UP NOW!!!" i guess i should expect it, she is a clean freak.

my sisters here painting some christmas ornaments por something along those lines... she left 1/2 her paints at her place so she cant finish it here. meh.

tonight i REALLY wanna go beerbogganing! its where u get real drunk and go tobogganing! WHAT FUN! i have beer too, i can take some of my parents, cause im selling 6 to my friend corey. corey is turning into quite the booze hound himself (hehehe - i know your reading this corey) the only problem is that it rained today so i dont really know what conditions the hills are in..... damn. and others already said that we arent going... but there is still snow outside. i hope it freezes and we get icey snow for SUPER SPEED and plenty of wipeouts!

oh what fun all this snow is! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
hahaha too bad for all those people in the south, no snow = no fun!

well, i gotta get on with my work (YEAH RIGHT)

that's it!


Hey people, im managing to get some of this work done, which is good. hopefully i'll have most of it done by monday.

this is a short blog for tonight cause im ready to hit the sack!

one last thing

go visit >>> - i LOOOOVE this program. im learning it and its just the coolest thing ever. great web animation. i made the opening banner of this site with it. cool huh?

well.... ciao!

that's it!



Hey web-goers! dave here again! im absolutely SWAMPED with work. i wish my media english teacher would just take a big vacation so none of this horrific work will be due!

I got my mark in math today. 37% aint bad eh? GOD NOOOOOOO. and i was expexting a 38..... geez dave, pull your shorts up bud. so basically i have to "do excellent on the ISU and exam to pass this course" - she put it so well on my credit endangerment note. i told me mom and she was like - well you need to get those marks up.

right now im writing a big script for media english and its taking me a long time cause we didnt get a lot done in class (not as much as i woulda liked) theres some internal conflicts within our group which shall not be discussed here.

right now im listening to "#1 crush" by garbage - GRRRREAT SONG! go download it.

my favourite garbage line is "and something just snapped, and cracked in my brain" its such a wonderful line. im gonna use it for this blog cause its abso-fuckin-lutely BRILLIANT.

i cant think of any sites to visit or songs to download so your brains will have to go without for the time being.

that's it!



hey, ive been told that i need to write another blog, so here it is. we had a SNOW day today and so i didnt go to school. i have so much work to do and i just wasted the day away going to subway and playing on the computer! AHHHHH! you'd think i'd learn? well i dont.

now i have to write a short movie script so i have to get back to work!

go visit >>>

go download >>> "pet names for genitalia" by tom green

that's it!



hey, web people!

tis me, dave. Today im going to work at fabricland for my friend corey. it should be fun. we had fun last year. we're doing inventory and weighing all the fabric and sorting it and everything. sounds boring but its not! $10/h makes it even better! we start at 1pm and end at 12am.... and tomorrow 7 untli whenever we finish. it took two days last year, but this year we have more helpers!

ok, right now im listening to "fix me now" by garbage, good song. go get it.

go visit >>>
go visit >>>

go download >>> - the movie trailer is amazing, the characters look too real!
go download >>> - best movie of this year.

i rented gladiator last night and didnt get through it all because well.... my computer is junky. BOO to that. but this movie - wow. my favourite part is where maximus laughs at proximo because proximo thought he knew the emperor and maximus was like.... his son er whatever... how i love that movie... go BUY it.

that's it!



ive been a busy guy! well - not really. just a had a lot of school work to get done. im working on this site a bit here and there so it shouldnt be long before its up. content isnt a problem because well... its about ME!

heres soem stuff u NEED:

listen to >>> "here it comes again" by please
listen to >>> "fuck you (an ode to no one)" by the smashing pumpkins
listen to >>> "unititled" by the smashing pumpkins
listen to >>> "uninvited" by alanis morrisette
listen to >>> "my medication" by herself
listen to >>> "hit so hard" by hole

visit >>>
visit >>>
visit >>>
visit >>>

well... what were you expecting?

that's it!



yo everyone!

happy / unhappy news - the smashing pumpkins have been laid to rest. they had 2 great last shows in chicago and i had the pleasure of listening to the 2nd last show, it was great! last night they played 36 songs which lasted about 5 hours of pure fun and rock n roll! yay pumpkins!

moofy doofy (melissa auf der maur) is a goddess.

well. go get their new song called "untitled"