There's nothing harder than being yourself in this small world of ours.


It's Digital Dave! haha

that's it!


hey, i was pretty pissed off last night but im ok now. phew....

breathe..... dave....... breathe......

so i just got home like half an hour ago from my math exam.. wow, it was EASY!!! like i left the exam room after an hour! hahaha, i hope the teacher likes all the drawings i drew with all that extra time on my hands.

if you're wondering what got me so mad it was a song, by veruca salt, called "all dressed up" its really funny cause louise was dating dave grohl and she cheated on her er sumthing and the song has some of that in it.... "you're forever gone, everlong" hahaha go download it cause you wont get my last rant if you dont, and dont ask me questions if you didnt download the song cause its explains it all.

yumm leftover spaghetti for lunch.. a treasure in itself. i wonder if it'll taste good. hmmmmm... no meatballs, damn i love meatballs.

"liars, and lovers, twin brothers never win"

that's it!




fuck you, you stubborn bastards who cant look beyond your own nose, fuck those who believe everything that the book teaches them when the book is a two thousand years old and withering while im here living.
FUCK YOU who say kill the minority before they kill you, because the minority never becomes the majority while you're still on this fucking huge earth. and fuck you to those who want to be the next hitler, who decide in their own minds that the only way to understand something is to pinch and probe and kill it until its on its last breath. FUCK YOU , those powerful white politicians who sit on a fence because they dont know what its like to be in a slum, to be treated like you dont exist. fuck you to the one who made it the way it is and may god help the person who is getting us out of this mess that you've created in your mind, because to you this is nothing but dripple of a young mans mind, whos not smart enough because he lacks what it takes to live up to the expectations of everyone around him.
so FUCK YOU mr. i can say and do whatever i want because im a white person in a country that prospers with the help of the working man instead of the working slave. i tell you now, that one day you will be part of the minority as i am and you will struggle and climb and have so much dirt under your fingernails that you cant grasp onto anything that leads you out of this hole.

And only by concentrating can we really disperse. that seems to be the only time that a voice is heard. when people who know what i speak of and have lived it, when they come together to make change, because only when change occurs can we rid our society of the ones who has carried the message of hatred for a millenium.

FUCK YOU to those who put the thought into my head that i am not equal that i am somehow a wrinkle on the face of perfection.
do it again, i dare you.

I am not a mistake. and i will not be looked down upon because you think i am different. and if you choose against me then you should seriously think about what you're doing because it is you who reverses time, who carries on such prejudice on your back, it is you who will stand and be judged and repent on the day of your death, for you have ruined so much by utterering a mere word.

yes, i am done.



hey everybody! (-dr. nick from the simpsons)

im soooo tired. ((YAWN)) its only 10 of the clock (did you know that o clock means "of the clock"?), i woke up at 5:30am tho. and ive got heartburn... ew. we had ribs and they were gross, sorry mom. and my sister came over, shes like 7 months pregnant and completely draining. she'll just come right in my room and start trying to wake me up while im asleep... she tries to steal my dog scruffles too! she wants it for her baby but the baby hasnt even been born yet, so she aint getting it any time soon!

she went to a psychic the other day and the psychic said she was gonna get pregnant after 3 months of having the first one, and that the baby is gonna be born on april 4th, and that my dad is gonna buy her a town house (that was kinda true.. hmmmmm) and that the babys name was something traditional or old, (maybe david.... let's keep the name going!) so anywayz, i saw my sisters friend denise in the all and she told me all about the psychic things so i went home and my sister was on the phone with my mom and im like "i went to a psychic today andthey told me this and this and this" and she was like "REALLY?!!?!? THEY TOLD ME THAT TOO!!!" and she totally fell for it! hahahaha, loooooooooooosssssseeeeerrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

so anyways, im thinking of getting a job @ rogers video store. that'd be cool cause right now im loving movies for some reason, im on a movie binge and i just cant stop, my mom rented gone in 60 seconds and everyone said it was good, so i'll have to watch it in the morning.

ok one more exam to go: math. i need 100% on it to get a 51% overall. so basically, i need you god. im dont on my knees, begging god, please. ((rhymes!! thats such a good line - (writes it down))

this great new show came on that i wanted to see last week and i totally didnt even know about it and it was on for 2 and 1/2 hours for the premiere! GRRRRRRRRRR i'll catch it next week tho. YAY

i got my 3 movies in the mail: american beauty, trainspotting and american history x, i watched trainspotting cause its so cool. i love it, i wouldnt go as far to call myself renton tho....... ;)

oh and im sick too, nothing seems to help. i downed a whole neo citran and look like 3 halls - like one after another, im a chain smoking halls guy now... haha i love bing sick tho.. but not while i have holidays! ARGGGGGGGGG!! work you white blood cells - work!!!

ahhh biology, i hope i did well enough on the exam to pass, i would love to pass that course. if i fail i'll die cause i love bio. my teacher, well he was kinda off tho, he always had a story for like every disease, like his friend had it or a friend of a friend or himself or his kids and wife, he even told us when his kids had tapeworms! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW some info you keep to yourself bud!!

ew, on that note -

that's it!



hey people!
well well well another day andother BLOGGGGGGG.
how boring has this week been? i just had my bio exam and i think i did well enough to get the mark im shooting for. i rented scary movie, very funny
, ive seen it before but i forgot about some of it. hahaha i love the part where the girl kinda skips away, like a total ditz, SO funny, also ms. mann. hahahaha

next semester i have: business ethcis (from what ive heard its really a bird course), spare, religion, then english. i have o do really well in english to get into the college i want to go to. oh local college, we will see one another soon enough!
i certainly dont want to goto some place in toronto and take the bus and go train every day liek my sister did.


that's it!



i love garbage. Shirley manson write amazing lyrics.. heres one:

"you raised your hand s you raised the bottle, you knocked me down but it made me stronger, the harder you hit - the harder you fall......"
(13x forever)

that should be in the bible! ok so this guy like pushed me outta the way today in the hall and i dont even know him - he was pushing everyone! HOW RUDE!!!!! hes in my grade too i believe, what a LOOOOOOOOOSER!, learn some manners bud.

im done one exam and two more to go! but ive failed math - i need 100% on the exam to get a 51% so... I've accepted my fate.

go download some songs >>>

>>> "lick the pavement" - garbage
>>> "jesus was my girl" - David Usher
>>> "best sunday dress" - Hole
>>> "the reflecting god" - Marilyn Manson (thats one's for all you people who need a little god in your life)

ok, time to "study" for biology.

that's it!



check out my wish list my birthday is on feb 28th....... hehehe

since there seems to be a lack of posts lately i thought i'd write in.
i had 1/2 an exam today, did pretty well.. im expecting 60 and up.... tomorrow is the other half and here i am writing to YOU. you know... ya just take up all my time!

you you.... you KICK MY DOG! hahaha

why are people so stooopid? seriously, think before you speak people! ARG!

well i better get back to studying or i'll fail tomorrow! i love how i can have an exam and know nothing one night and know everything the next day and then the day after that forget it all again..... the wonders of the brain. today i was thinking what if we remembered everythign we were told? like data on star trek.... the world would be so odd.... its be liek the matrix, you'd learn soemthing and know it forever. never forgetting.


that's it!



Too much homework and studying to talk now!

that's it!



hey, im a movie critic this week cause ive bough all those movies and rented 7 yesterday, they include:

scream 3
the crow
the messenger, joan of arc
alien resurrestion
deep blue sea
sleepy hollow

i watched joan of arc yesterday and i it was good but not what i expected at all, like who's idea was it to have the devil come in ande change everything? DAMN YOU SATAN, YOU DO YOU SCREW WITH THE BEST OF MOVIES?!!?!?and these people who cast the roles, who cast dustin hoffman as the devil? hes not a devilish type! hes like a happy 70's actor guy as far as i know!

and i watched alien ressurection too, i think it just had too much going, it was very supensful, cause the things just happened. and they didnt really say anything that would make you think the ol' "no dont go down stairs!" kind of thing.. ya know what i mean? but it as still a good story i suppose. the other were better. i think this one was far fetched, clones and cyborgs and everything running around with aliens and such... meh.

So in 20 minutes this new show comes on "temptation island"! and its like SEX SURVIVOR.... sooooo good. i hope theres plenty of cheating and sex and lots of crying! hahahaha admit it - you love the raw human emotions that are so well scripted they make you puke inside and u dont even know it! there wouldnt be a day where i wouldnt act on the damn island! i'd be getting the damn oscar! "oh jessica... we cant have sex on this deserted island, not while im still with kelly..."
(dave sneaks off and hits on someone else.....)

you know you LOVE it to death!

that's it!



today i decided that my mother owed me some money so i went shopping on amazon and bought 3 movies:
1) american beauty - wow, i loved it.
2) american history x - wow, i loved it even more
3) trainspotting - cool to the bones.

that's it!



the day has just begun and im raring to go! I went togoganning last night and now my ankle hurts... it got rode right over by the GT. ouch.

I saw american beauty and i thought it was very cool. if you havent seen it then go rent it cause its very strange and suspensful at parts. Its basically just these wierd neighbors who come together in a whole story of strange and horrific drama. kevin spacey, good performance. It's also quite comedic at parts.

i think i may go rent a movie today but thewy are so damn expensive, maybe i'll get my omm to rent it for me or something.... she said she was going to rent something today... hmmmm

i'm doing content for this site today. ive been writing a lot so im sure i'll be able to post some of the stuff here along with like the 8000000 pictures i have of myself, i need a whole archive of my friends stil though. i hope they feel ok with their picture being posted on the internet. if not i can always edit their face outta the pic....

I feel in some strange mood. its a work mood, no wonder its strange. oh i poke fun at myself too much but i try to work hard, just not at math. i need to learn chapter 11.2 today cause im presenting it on tuesday. I dont know yet what we're going to do, but im sure it will be creative and fun for the whole class.

I still need to finish cleaning from this morning, i forgot a couple places here and there (my room).

well.. natures calling.....

that's it!



i was wrong, i got 1/30 on the assignment, bringing my mark to..... like 30%? probably........ hmmmmmm i dont think dave will be taking the test next friday. oh well. i like i said before, my only mistake was taking the course in the first place!

oh well. this will be the first time ive ever failed anything.... thats not good at all.

nothing much happened other than that, well thats all that's on my mind anyways...

that's it!



well today was quite a day, i think i sealed myself in a failing position in math after gettign like 4/30 on my isu in class assignment, but somethign good came out of it all... i cant say what though cause i could get in trouble ;)

bad dave...

and i skipped T.A.P. and last period cause it sucks. i'll go tomorrow. tap really does suck, all you do is sit there and fill out sheets and then the teacher comes around and tell you how to improve yourself...... omg i could kick it.

i saw some guy in the hall acting all cool like he owned the school and i started laughing at him, its too funny, him and his lackies walking around like they're the shit when they'll only grow up to be poor shits with no friends but their abused wives. thats not true, but oh well.

melissa auf der maur, if you ever read this, you're beautiful.

im gonna write a song called "beautiflu" it'll be about how all the cool girls get the flu and turn ugly. hahahaha. god i love that


that's it!



and i forgot to tell you i love you.
and night's too long and cold here without you.

and i cannot find the words to say "i need you so"

What do you have to say to the world?

hmmmmmm. i wrote a blog yesterday and its not here. it was like, the BEST blog yet. let's see if i cant remember it......

and i forgot to tell you, i love you.
and night's too long and cold here without you.

i cannot find the words to say i need you so.

What's something you want to say to the world?


bonjour mes ami!

today was the first day back at school and im already haiting it. althought we're watching movies in media class, that doesnt make up for the hoard of math problems coming my way.... YES DAVE, WAYDA SCREW UP YOUR YEAR!

"i painted the sky all blue
i did it just for you"
go get coldplays "yellow" - that blurb above was my version of that song..

i wrote a couple songs the other day. im sure they'll get published here soon enough... if i choose them to.

whats on daves playlist today:

EMF - unbelievable
Lighthouse - Hanging by a moment
melissa auf der maur and james iha - dont you want me
the verve - bittersweet symphony
greenday - minority
greenday- hitchin' a ride (thats on now)
greenday- time of your life
letters to cleo - here and now
orgy- blue monday
coldplay - yellow

so u should go get those songs now......

that's it!



Well here i am posting on a tight schedule! My parents wont let me near the computer cause im doing terrible in math so i told them i had to do some on the computer and now ive snuck online while they've wandered off... im still enjoying netscape 6. it makes this blog much faster and runs most of the stuff that internet explorer does, so im happy that netscape is just as good, possibly better than the microsoft meanies. Last night i got a thourough shouting at by my parents about what im going to do in life... and since im failing math they seem to think that im going to fail at everything else. I just dont like math, and i dont think that knowing the pythagorean theorum is going to help me when im doing graphic design anyway. SO BAH HA. and my dad was like "you need math all the time, to do your shopping!" and im sitting there thinking (i'd never say it cause i dont talk when my parents shout at me cause they dont deserve it, they havent seemed to realize that shouting is going through one ear and out the other... i seriously dont remember much of what they said, only that i'd end up like my sisters boyfreind, Joe. Oh, and speaking of joe, he broke his foot or something the other day and now he cant work for along time and might have to take a couple months off.... gee sis, u know how to pick 'em!)

anyways, im just dappling about on my computer until mr. simoes gets here with the answers to my math delema (sp?).
OK, spo i have to work on this site some more and i have got some more done lately but not as much as i would have liked. and i still want to learn how to type fast without looking at the damn keys! so much to do, so little time to procastinate the day away..... damn, just when i thought it was becoming a hobbie.

that's it!



hey i just got netscape 6 and it seems very cool! wow netscape, look what you've done! it looks much nicer than internet explorer and i havent run into problems with viewing any sort of html yet... hmmmmmm...

that's it!



Hey, well today was interesting... cause i dont even remember what i did this morning. all i remember is going to subway, then buy fight club (a great movie! my mom was like - thats a terrible movie! too violent davit! - she pronouces my name with a T at the end.... hmmmmm irish.) oh and before all that, i got my hair cut. now im cooooooooooool... not that i became uncool... ;)
So i came home, shovelled snow, took a break, shovelled more snow and then here i am, writing this blog, about to do more homework. My math ISU is due on wednesday.... oh joy, better get your ass in gear dave! ouch. well i gotta go work on it,

that's it!



wow, today i had such a cool day! Me and my bud sean went to toronto for the day, and right when we arrived we decided to take a tour of the air canada centre, where the toronto raptors and maple leafs play (the basketball and hockey teams) so when we go there after waiting about 10 minutes for the tour to start, the girl came and was like - "hey, im your tour guide, i'll be back in a moment".

so she left us, there was 8 of us including the tour guide. which was like.... nothing. me and sean thought we were gonna be the only ones - that woulda been AMAZING. but we werent so oh well. anywayz she comes back and was like "do you guys like the leafs?" and we were all kinda like... yeah... (im not a big hockey fan myself, but i said yes anyways) So she was like "well ive got a suprise for you then, cause they're on the ice practicing right now!" so we just cut straight to the tour to watch the leafs practice and then we went for a little tour of the air canada centre. Then we came back to watch some more in like "the best seats in the house" they were TOOOO comfy, i could bounce on them forever... more comfy than my old broken in comfy couch!

so she took us around to different places, to Tie domi's personal box and stuff to watch the practice and she told us all about the air canada centre and its history and some history of the teams. that was definetly cool. I hope Tie didnt mind! so we left there and went around to the bottom of the place where the ice was. we were jsut watching them skate right by us... sean went into the bleachers to search for pucks that had been hit over by the players.. but there was none, but the guy on the team who was from Whitby (!) sent one flying over to him and he found it and kept it! YAY PRACTICE PUCK! sooooooo cool! it was awesome cause i know i was in awe! so we just all stood there watching... i wondered what it would be like having kids just standing there watchign you do something u love..... how lucky they are.

So she took us around to where the players would be going from the ice to the change room (it was a small hallway) and after about 10 minutes of waiting, there they were... there was some cameras there and they were taking pictures and stuff and Mats Sundin comes out and starts talking to these swedish interviewers and hes like... literally like 3 feet away from us. but before that, Pat Quinn, the coach came out and said hi to Sean! They're hockey buddies now! haha! So we saw a whole bunch of them including Curtis Joseph, one of the goalies.
That concluded our tour of the air canada centre. It was tooo cool!

After that, we found a playdium and played for about one or two hours there, it was a lot of fun, there was a roller coaster ride where you made your own roller coaster and then u could ride it! it was crazy! After that we went to muchmusic and saw bradford and sook yin in the window, we checked out a whole bunch of other stores, in cluding HMV, where i got a dvd version of the cool but misguided "Kurt & Courtney". I plan to watch it after i finish this blog! So we went to mcdonalds and the Chum City Store and the found our way back to the ACC and to the GO train all the way back to lil' ol whitby....

what an great day we had... awesome is hte only word to describe it really... wow.

that's it!



hey, ive made a couple changes to this blog, i hope u like them! more to come!


i learned a couple lessons today. always think before you open your trap, and dont assume... it makes an ass outta me and.... me.

It seems im destined to be a web designer, cause i love it. It means a lot ot me and i love creating things on this damn computer, as much hassle as i get for doing it and not doing it. Its obvious that it has become a huge part of my life and that i should embrace it. :)

i keep listening to "im ready" by bryan adams. its such a good song. it'd be perfect to sing to a bride... so all u guys out there getting married... get it for your big day!

on that note..

that's it!


ps. i dont really understand this whole patroitism thing and what drives people to their country, to me its just a mass of land with people. But for some strange reason its had an impact on me today that i will not forget.


well well well if it aint ME again!

i just woke up about half an hour ago... its 12 in the after noon. i slpet right thru the morning... eh blame it on Jon. Well i havent woke up this late for a lonnnnngg time, wow. im turning into scott. OH NO! i plan on working on the site now, i had "siters block" (i just made that up!! wow!) i hope that link works to jons site. hes a cool guy :0 hahaha

so anywayz, i have to get this site going eh? i had major plans for it and then they just disappeared! but now their back and IM BACK BABY!! YEEEEAAAAAAUUUHHHHH!

on that sweet sweet note,

that's it!


"theres always something more important and more difficult to get done."

guess who said that quote?


that's it!