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now you can comment on the blogs - so if i ask for your opinion - GIVE IT GOD DAMMIT!

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yes, thats right. its wednesday. its ash wednesday. its DAVE wednesday! it's DAVES BIRTHDAY! thats right folks! my birthday has arrived and im 18! wowee! lets see what i got:

the cd im listening to right now: no doubt - tragic kingdom from Jenn and Kara! thanks guys!
$150 from my parents
$100 from my aunt! wow!
$25 GC for future shop from my cousin, hmmm i think i'll buy the seven DVD!
???? from my sister - she said shed give me something on saturday.. hmmmm

now i have lotsa money to spend on stuff! but what? i have no clue!
maybe i'll buy a lottery ticket or two.... hmmmmm not a bad idea. or maybe i'll go to quebec and get drunk! haha

and theres more good news - my sister friend denise is having her child today! another birthday! wow! thats totally cool! what a great day im having!


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hey there!

just writing to tell you that nothing has happened since i wrote last time. well maybe there was a few things. i watched "what lies beneath" last night, its pretty good, but they go too long at the beginning without any scary stuff then pack it all in at the end, so much so that it all gets a big confusing at parts.
i went to work so i should be getting about $70 from that. thats good. maybe i'll guy a couple DVD's! haha maybe i'll get office space!

i got a haircut, im not sure if i said that in my last blog, so for all you people reading this at school, im gonna look different on monday!
yes, the phone numbers will just start ROLLING IN! haha (well just as much as usual)

my sisters boyfriend is coming over for dinner and my parents dont even like him! and neither do I! tell me why hes coming then? GEEEZ! im not even gonna eat with them. maybe i'll go to subway instead.

i want a webcam. they're so cool. then you'll all be able to see me and what im doing at this very moment! think of the possibilites!
well i think im gonna finsih the radio section of this site right now so it shoudl be up soon. it'll take 5 minutes to finish. i just need to find the link to the station and post it. maybe i'll post the current playlist too. HMMMMMMM good idea dave.

do you have any have good ideas like that one for my site? email me! Click Here!
im just getting much better at linking!

ive been writing a lot lately eh? its cause im taking like gaps in between my days... i shouldn't do that.

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woo! ive busy lately and havent had time to catch up on all this blogging! well today happens to be my dads birthday! i got him a $25 gift certificate for sears (thats what he wanted - and for me to sign up for night school, and i got the form today so thats cool.) i was talking to steve who also failed math, and he said it was like EASY. so thats great! i hope i know some people in my class. supposedly my math teacher actually got fired or quit er sumthing... who knows! she was nice. well im writing a dumb essay, i was gonna do it on internet addiction type thing, but instead im gonna do a comparison between DVD and VHS. it should be pretty easy i guess.

im listening to.. yes.... madonna. ray of light is a good album damn it! ARGGGGGG. me and the girl bands..... it will never end.

well im off to work on my essay, and im gonan check out survivor tonite! ohhhh the black girl swears at kimmi about not eating the chickens er sumthing! trouble in the HEN HOUSE hahahaha. we had a supply teacher today in business ethics class, and he was telling all these dumb jokes... kyle told a dumb one "whats a ghosts favourite body part?" the BOObies!!! haha what a dumbass! and some girl was like what kind of shoes did the man with two left feet ask for? FLIP FLIPS! get it? i didn't. try and figure it out.. when i got it i was like.. thats SO dumb.

and whats with temptation island? like these gonna be some hot sex next week so check it out! YAY SEX! haha!

its my birthday in 6 days... dont forget. i told my mom i wanted money and she said i get $150. thats ok. i was expecting a big 200 smackers!
oh welllll ill jsut go into work with my dad for the extra $50.
oh and my aunt will probably get me money so that evens it out! i love my aunt! shes so nice

time to work!

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hey web-goers!

i just had some pizza and i think im gonna barf it up. did you see survivor last night? well they caught this pig and it squeeled (like a pig) when they killed it, so tonite im watching croc hunter (with steve! we all love steve!) and hes like rounding up pigs by the hooves and im sitting there watchign and they start squeeling while im eating my 2cheese and bacon pizza. i just looked at the bacon and accepted that the bacon that was once a big fat pig probably squeeled too. how yummy....

on a sweet note: hmmmmmmm... i cant think of anything sweet. how about stuffed animals! my sister always trys to steal my stuffed dog, scruffles, but she'll never get it. she calls it caesar because she shakes it and pretends its having seizures. funny eh? no.

maybe she'll get it when she has her baby... what a day that'll be! wild!

not much homework this weekend, only some english studying to do. and some reading of a feminine book, "the stone diaries" by carol shields. supposedly it has a lot of death in it later on but im only on page 10 and its talking about some fat ladies period. NASTY.
Jon thought it was pretty nice of me to tell him that. aha jon!

well if you're reading this i want you to get up RIGHT NOW and walk outside, cause its great outside, even when its raining. *im only happy when it rains*

i love garbage, as ive expressed so many times in this blog, shirley manson is a lyrical goddess, no one can top her.
"if we sleep together, will you liek me better? if we come together, we'll go down forever"
"now that you know what you know, you're gonna reap what you sow, nothing will come from sucking your thumb, you're better off dumb, now that you know what you know, i bet you wish you could let it go, nothing will come from sucking your thumb, you're better off DUMB"

god i love it.

are you outside yet? GET OUT THERE!

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well i havent written in a while, well as far as i can remember... i dotn ahve any homework tonight, so im all good for working on my site! im gonna do the picture section first. although people have told me they dont like my ideas, im gonna keep trying and hopefully they'll like the end product (hey, its pictures of me - who couldnt like the end product? hahahaha)

im listening to a kittie remix of charlotte.. its like techno... and its damn good (liquid depression mix) OH NAPSTER I LOVE YOU. i remember the days when i said napster was no good, and now they're closing it down and i couldnt be more unhappy. i'd pay for it! $10/month!

i ordered marilyn manson's "holy wood" ,interesting title. i downloaded a couple of the songs and they seem as good as the ones from antichrist superstar which was a great album. very viscereal.

i need other things to download! email me with suggestions! ((blogger commenting thing coming soon))

im signing up for co-op. its like an internship where u go to work and earn credits for it instead of money. im gonan do some graphics design! YAY, i hope it all works out well and that its close to where i live and not like 3 cities away.... that would suck.


i guess....

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all i have to say is -


that's it!


yo yo yo! haha

ok so the pain is going away, i woke up and i was feeling a lot better, i can actually function normally now! wow dave!

its monday, god i LOVE mondays. best day of the week for a long time....

"WHAT ARE YOU SAYING.... YOU SON OF A BITCH!?!?" - courtney.

i was listening to hole all day so im in a hole mood. thats a good thing. :)

silverchair is rocking, napster is dying, i dunno what the hell is up with everything else. just sit and relax. sit and relax.
my mom went to a fortune teller and the teller said im gonna be talented and sucessful. what can i say.... DUHHHHHHHHHHh. HAHAHA

that's it!



Hey! last night i went snowboarding and skiing and it was a lot of fun! altho i didnt really get to snowboard (i couldnt even get up on the board, and after i did, i didnt know how to stop, so i was going down the bunny hill too fast and i ending up facing backwards and fell right on my ass! it hurt so much that i decided to trade my board in for some skis. MUCH BETTER DECISION.

i went with my friends corey and joan, we had a blast! by the end of the night i felt like a pro! SWOOSSHHHHHH down the hills goes dave! i had a couple problems stopping... oh well, not major accidents other than the snowboarding....

so i can hardly sit down today, and i suspect it will be this way for the rest of the week. ive forgotten if i have any homework, i know i have to study for religion. that wont take long though.

my bummmmmmmmmm, im such a wuss about pain, i cant help it.
im definetly going again, so much fun!

that's it!



i just finished writing "a personal philosophy" for religion class. im not happy with it at all, cause if i could write a personal philosophy it would be a huge book. i have a lot to say lately, just not here i guess.. haha.
well i have more homework to get done, my english isu conference if tomorrow and filling out a sheet is worth 1% of my final mark... wow, that is just SO fucking STUPID. im sayhing fuck a lot lately huh? arent you glad my whole fuck rant is gone from the page now? thats dave's DARK SIDE! EWWWW SCARRRRY!!! dont wanna go there! ;)

i should post the philosophy but id be totally imbarassed cause it doesnt represent me at all, so off it stays.

i just finished watching SURVIVOR. its really a cool show to watch, i love the dynamics of it all, the talking behind the back and such, im guessing the popularity of the show is basically because you become attached to these characters and you get the backstage info into what they are thinking....

"i say you have to give up, i say roll and let the chips fall where they may" - tyler durden

woo.... i should have a quote in each blog..

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some things to think about:

" we are not what we accomplish or do, only what we want to do. Once you have achieved a goal, that part of you is gone, preserved endlessly in the work."

" see a grain of salt not as a grain of salt, but as a complex development of time and experience"

"the abstract is clear to you only when you become the abstract"

"do not convict so easily or quickly, for once you do, many virtues that were once transparent will soon known."

i dunno about some of these but i understand them all ;)

so whats happening today you ask? not much at all. some homework to get done, soem movies to watch, some other shit to get done..... all in a day of dave.. boring and endlessly fascinating at the same time. sometimes i think i should document everything that happens to me and 30 years later come out with a movie, it would be so interesting, of course id have to jazz it up a little... well thats if it needs jazzed up (who knows what kind of trouble i could get myself into!) hehe

i think everyone shoudl watch life network every week day night to catch both REAL WORLD and THE LOFTERS. both are pretty cool shows. in the lofters yesterday they were at playdium with all these wrestlers or sumthing, and i was like "I WENT THERE!!!"


im thirsty.

that's it!



im thinking this blog needs structure, it to be sorted like in a column er sumthing like Jon's.
what do u think? and im gonna get a blogger comment hting so i can ask questions in here and u can respond to them! cool huh? yup yup, im all set.... to work.


hmmmmmmm, somethings up.
jaime got her nipples pierced! YAY jaime! she told me i could see them.. thats cool. one supposedly says hi to her or sumthing (right now she is drunk and telling me all this)

my bud joan keeps telling me to make all the digital buds dance around, but that take time joan! i cant do that while im procrastinating something else! GEEEEZ!

hmmmmm february 4th. i new day, another chance to capture something that we dont know of yet and all the bullshit that comes along with it. such as that sentence. u tell me which part of it was bullshit and you'll all get a prize.

when will monday arrive! ARG, the weeks seem so long now! i wait all week long for an hour of fun. i shoudl write a letter to someone about it.

i love being tottally unobvious. theres only like 1 person in the whole world who got that, and its probably not YOU.

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hey, not much has happened today, im gonna work on the site a bit here and there this weekend (YAY, its the weekend!) its so wierd getting off at 12:30... i get home and ahve this time on my hands to do stuff, it gives me times to finish stuff and stop procastinating..
hmmmm party tonite? i dunno! im going to subway for dinner tho!
mmmmmmmm i love it there!

well that's it!



Hey web people! dave here! i made lil characters (with the help of my bud seanny k) of all my friends! check them out HERE.

umm, new semester today... im very happy with it! i only have 3 courses cause ive got that spare that i love so much!
i have business ethics with mr. coates, english with mrs. hill (i had her last semester, she was the one i complained so much about, but she aint that bad!) and then i have religion with mr brady, hes just a big kid, he told us a story about how he went to japan and they had funny toilents and such, and his wife pressed one of the buttons on them and she got sprayed in the face but the bidet! hahaha he also told us about how the didnt have toilets at this school he was teaching at so they had to shit in a hole in the ground and everyone squatted! it took him 3 weeks to finally get the courage to not drive home and go. hahaha, then after that class i go home! AT 12:30! im so happy, what a great short day of school that is! only like 4 hours! wow.


that's it!