There's nothing harder than being yourself in this small world of ours.


hey yo, here we go!

i love my friends, they are so cool.

that's it!



hey dave addicts! i have a lot going on! i had a lot of homwork this week so i havent really been able to post too much! in fact it completely slipped my mind! mrs hill pushed out ISU presentations back until friday which is good! and im going 12th out of 16.. so thats cool too! less stress! after the isu there isnt too much heavy stuff to do this year i believe.... thank god. today waqs a 1/2 day at school so all the seniors got off at 11:15. which is like normal for me basically.. even tho i get off at 12:30, it seemed like a regular day.

im so hooked on the lofters, its unbelieveable. i was just talking to jenn, shes really cool (the lofter jenn, not friend jenn) altho friend jenn is cool too! she answered a lot of my questions,which is very cool. the show is on every weekday night at 9:30 on channel 41, the life network! last week there was all these fights and stuff anf now everything is cooling down a lot and beginning to get more peaceful. i think i may sign up for next years lofters! HOPE I GET PICKED! u get $30 000 plus a place to live and you get to make tv all day long basically... it seems great! and im a likable guy right? RIGHT!?!? yup. so i should be able to get in there.... ;P

i found a new face =B it's big teeth guy! WOOO

that's it!



yo hoez!

i havent written in a long time.. and you know what? NOTHING IS HAPPENING!

i have a busy week of work this week, no thanks to mrs. hill - the english teacher. ARG ARG ARG!
im looking into buying a cd /mp3 player cause they rock so much and of cource the rio model shown here is wicked. i want it! i want it! i want it!
amazon doesnt have any as of yet tho... and they arent that expensive either... WOOO!

the Lofters is on tonite and its getting really good cause theres conflict int he loft.. they had eddy from that other reality show with the house (the name escapes me) on and they did a whole interview with him naked in the bath tub then he signed a "wall of fame" and DAVE went and wiped it right off cause he hated the idea that his guy was writing on his house.. (if u remember the name of the show just write it in the comment thing - which by the way is a disaster! nobody comments on my blogs) - AH GEEZ people come on here!

my snake river conspiracy shoudl arrive inth e next few days.. that makes me exstatic! (*sings songs*)

i hope you've all read all the writings in the writing section cause they are cool, even if i say so.

"i spend all my time on the telephone line, trying to get it right this time, somethign that can change your mind" - SRC, "you and your friend"
one of my fave lines...

KARA lent me the movie SPACEBALLS so im gonna watch that tonite, and seans begging me to keep it longer so he can watch too.. this movie must be good..

now i waste time away on homework and other things until the lofters comes on then i watch the episode of my fave show i tape on monday... WOO its great.

that's it!


i foudn this thing the other day and its the coolest thing ever. im definetly using it for that site!Bell Labs Text-to-Speech Synthesizer
so go there and make the computer say anything you want!

i ordered snake river conspiracy's "sonic jihad" album yesterday.. all the songs are so good on it! i dont think its even been a week since i discovered them! and i downloaded all the songs from napster and still bought the album so HA you stupid fools who think napster doesnt result in record sales...
what am i going to do today? i think im gonna read a lot of my book, im shooting to get around page 50 or so today.. ( im terrible at reading books, the most readin i do is on the net...)

so go try that voice site out its really really cool.

i watched "three kings" last night, it was good. theres some gross parts in it though. the cow was funny.

i dont have much to talk about other than im cleaning the basement today and i wanna go to the mall and buy some DVDs or something. maybe a guitar? hmmmmm i wanna learn.

that's it!



went to work today. im tired as hell and its 8:38 and im going to bed in liek 10 min. (10 min always turns into 3 hours....)

wooooo look its already 8:52... chatting takes up a lot of time!

thats' it!



oh yes - the writing section is PURPLE. for the site im going for a variety of colors. altho i think i may change the background....

that's it!


WOOOOOO, ive been working on the site a bit today.. i got the writing section up - Write
. i wasnt sure if i wanted it up or not, but i decided its a good thing. most of the songs (yes, they are written as lyrics) are really dark. theres some untitled ones... and i was wondering------ if you wanted to read them.. then give me suggestions for names! the best names will be chosen! so write them in the comment for this blog ok? ok.

not much else has happened. today had heinz's bagel bites and you can microwave these little bastards and they become crunchy... id still perfer them comign outta the oven tho...
ok so this blog is over.

that's it!


ps. dont forget to name the songs dammit!


hey! i havent done much today. me and melissa went to rent a video, she got HAMLET for her school project and i got SEVEN. its such a great movie... the ending is cool..

short and sweet....

that's it!



its been a while huh? well not much has happened either...
ovber the weekend i went skiing cause my sister had her baby shower, it was a great workout... me and my dad went cross country.. yikes. you know how out of shape you are when you do something like that! next week? DAMN RIGHT!

im hooked on this great girl rock band "snake river conspiracy" they're a mix between kittie, garbage and scratching post. VERY cool. I got an interview for my coop thing the first day back from march break. right in the morning too. i better not be hungover, or drunk for that matter. imagine that! im doing pretty well in all my subjects this semester. its much better than last semester seeing as how i get off at 1230 and all... gives me time to have a nap, then play on the computer, then do homework, then watch TV, then go to bed. thats basically my day x 365.

if u want a song to download from that band i mentioned get "breed", "oh well" or their single "how soon is now" they're all really good. also "lovesong" is good.

i dunno whats up with hole these days... courtneys suing record companies and if she loses she could be $100 million in debt... but shes smart so she wont. she probably has 30 mil stashed away for a rainy day anyways...
the message board s cool... if you're into anythign at all you should join up. people who dont even like hole are there.. its like a board that should encompadd everyones views and hobbies etc...
im determinded to get better at typing. this is my goal. and also to type without looking at the keys.
im getting better. = )

what else do i have to talk about? oh yes. in a month i'll be uncle davey.. its gonna be so wierd.... u have on idea. i'll have pictures on here for all of you to see though! hehe boy or girl....... you can comment in the blog comments section of this blog! go right ahead!

that's it!



hmmmmmm sunday bloody sunday!

well well well well well well well.... skiing was a BLAST! the snow was all soft so it was real easy to turn and learn! friday i stayed home and watched u-571. saturday i went to work and then went out with my sister to go mini putting but it was booked until 11... so we went to the movies instead. we saw traffic and it was ok. not was good as some peoiple told me it was... BOO i spent $21 on it..... oh well.
and that steven sodenberg is directing courtney love in a movie? it better be good..... the latest news on courtney is out and shes like fighting the music industry.. thats cool of her.

so today is my sister baby shower which means i have to be gone for a long time.... me and my dad are going cross country skiing i believe. should be fun and good exercise!

well i better get ready to go!



hey hey! (think krusty the clown)
well im 18 and a day now! FANTASTIC! (think the dumb lottery commercial)

im going skiing again today! WIPEE! i had tons of fun last time while i was falling on my ass! woooooooo~~~~ hehe hopefully i wont end up bruising things again!
ok, i gotta go work on my site and do some homework! BYEEEEEEE

ps. im not sure if i commented on this already but now YOU can comment on the blogs i write (click on the 'comment on this blog!' link below a specific blog to comment on it!) so if i ask questions in the blg such as "what do you think this site needs?" u can tell me! ok? good.

that's it!