There's nothing harder than being yourself in this small world of ours.


woah, talk about neglection!

whats new in the life of dave? not much lately. right now im listening to "across the universe" by fiona apple. good song, beatles cover. go download it.

so hole is kinda back, courtney has decided to make a new band on the side - "bastard". it is so cool because 3 of the coolest peopel are in it (courtney, louise post from veruca salt, and ex-hole-drummer patty schemel) theres another girl on bass but i dunno who she is...

ok so supposedly the dotcom for this site is about to run out, then i can actually buy it and host myself, im looking for good hosts because the one i had in mind totally changed its prices and features so BOOO to that.

theres more mackenzie pictures here if u want to take a look @ them, i like # 5 the best!

im currently learning adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator, while trying to remember how to use flash... damn you memory! DAMN YOUUUUU!

i really need to write a biography, dont i? anyone wanna help me? cause im just clueless.

give me suggestions in the comment!

c ya arounnnnnndd