There's nothing harder than being yourself in this small world of ours.


i took the day off cause i have an isu to do, so im @ home all today! NO SCHOOL! and i know its gonna suck x10 tomorrow cause it'll seem like a monday.... ARG!

exams start soon, my teachers have loaded me up with all kinds of exam reviews and exercises to complete. BOOOOO to that. im studying for english, business and religoin, not math (i have a 98%). i suck at math too haha

i took plenty of pictures at maria's and melissa bday party, they'll be up soon. and notice the new flash intro?!?! WOOO
thanks to SWiSH for that.

i hpoe to find a summer job soon... my parents are going away for 2 weeks in july, which is so cool cause i get the house to myself.... hmmmmm think of all the possiblities.......

well... i was gonna write something else, but i forget what it was..



hey people!

tonite me and mel decided to get everyone together @ mcdonalds and have a burger eating contest! we're all going to order 10 burgers and see who can finish them!! guess we shoudnt have BBQ'd for lunch then eh? oh well...

i know it sounds gross, but MEH! i love mickyd's!

so yeah, i have a bigtime essay for english due (last thing of the year due) on friday, so i have to get it done tonite, so i can go out, do night skool tomorrow and then hand it in on fri.
busy busy busy!

c ya aroundddddd




total neglect on my part eh? alot has been happening!

first off - today is marias bday - happy birthday maria!
and on june 3rd it was MOHO's bday! happy birthday bitch. ;)

also, on june 1st - i had prom! it was so much fun. i danced the night away and got a $20 gift certificate because of it! WOOOOOOO, im gonna have pics up ASAP, cause they were developed today! there is only 11 days left of school (before exams start) which is definetly cool. i find that a lot of teachers liek to pile on the work right before the exam, but it doesnt seem the case this semester... because i only have an essay in english to write then my isu in business ethics. hmmm not bad, not bad at all. although my mark in english is not satisfactory, i think i'll just make it by.... ARG.

hopefully i'll remind myself to write something in this blog tomorrow...

cya sexy bitches!