There's nothing harder than being yourself in this small world of ours.


yo yo yoy oy oy oyoyjeogihsdaflgdASF AHHHHHHHHHH

its been so long! holy sheeet!

well currently my parents are away and ive done ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING.

over the past two weeks i have:

1) got drunk
2) thrown up
3) rented 14 movies
4) bought a movie (traffic)
5) got a hair cut
6) cleaned the house
7)played 10 million games of starcraft (and won every one)
8)played a couple games of tennis (and lost every one - my time will come!)
9)did the dishes twice a day
10)ate some nice food!
11) had 1 hangover
12)screamed at someone
13)got mad at lotsa people
14)wrote in my weblog
15)walked to the grocery store to buy some things
16) compiled a boring list of boring things to do in your spare time (you're looking at it...)
17)played my cds really loud
18)read the newspaper... i never did before
19) took out the garbage
20) watered the lawns
21)laughed my ass off hahahahahhaha
22) laughed my ass off even more HAhahahahHAHA terry... oh lord... hahahahahah
23) watched the lofters

i cant think of anything else....

so maybe i'll write again tomorrow... or maybe next month. either one.