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today is garbage day! no not that kind of garbage! the band! I downloaded their whole new album "Beautiful Garbage" (which was taken from Hole's song "Celebrity Skin") and it is so good! I cant wait for the remixes and for the videos! If you're looking for a certain type of song, it's probably on the album.

= Rock Songs =
// Shut Your Mouth \\
// Silence is Golden \\
// Parade \\

= Pop Songs =
// Androgyny \\ = first single
// Can't Cry These Tears \\ = wierd sappy prom song (?)
// 'Til the Day I Die \\ = rocky pop song
// Cherry Lips \\ = the best pop song on the album
// Untouchable \\ = it could easily be sung by Britney Spears
// Breaking Up the Girl \\ = possibly my favourite song by garbage.

= Calm songs =
// Cup of Coffee \\ = a brilliant song about obsession of another person
// Drive You Home \\ = a slow, meaningful song, check this one out
// Nobody Loves you \\ = I Haven't really got a vibe from this song yet
// So like a rose \\ = a great song with some great melodies and singing.

thats my review of the album. I found the whole thing on audiogalaxy. so go get it now, cause there will be a song u like on it, guaranteed.

school starts in less than a week and im freaking out. I was supposed to send something to the co-op guy and just keep forgetting about it. I fear he'll be mad if i send it now, but what will happen if i don't send it at all? yowch. get off yr ass dave, get things done.

im kinda typing without looking at the keys now, which is cool. woooo

i'll be back sometime in the near future,



Hey, if you got here, that means u went thru - which has been my provider for a long time (thanks jon!)
i have a mackenzie update! she's eating baby food (she recently turned 4 months) and today she rolled over for the first time! HOW EXCITING!!

short and sweet,



booyah! im back bitches! i dont know for how long tho.
hmmm long time, whats happened? my parents went away, it was ok.
ive been going into work with my dad for the last couple days and am gonna end up making about $500, which is great cause i can finally spend money on things. getting paid 8.50/hr is great when u work 12 hours a day!
however, i feel like shit and im all tired and im supposed to play tennis today (im absolutely HOOKED on tennis) and ive won twice against sean, i won 2 days ago and it was right down to 6-6 and i pulled through at the end 7-6. muahahhaha supposedly "luck" got me the win. riiiiiiiiiight. ;)
i think it was the fact that i was singing "souldier thru this" by garbage the whole time, it helped. go download it cause its great.

two other good songs are
: androgyny by garbage
: what a drag! by the kim band

both are funny and loud and cool. the new bif and garbage albums are coming out in sept, actually garbage comes out in october, which sucks!

ahh i have to go to co-op soon.... ive been reading up on some design stuff which is very interesting, it talks all about type and where things should go on a page etc.. pick it up cause it will help everyone, not jsut the novice graphic designer : "the non designers design book" by robin williams (not that robin williams)

i gtg, sorry if theres 4598320847509432 spelling mistakes, i type way to fast, and sont wanna stop once i start.