There's nothing harder than being yourself in this small world of ours.


hey reader!

another week gone by. woooooo

im thinking about going to see U2 and GARBAGE in hamilton on october 13th. im not sure if the tickets are sold out or anything. plus im running low on casharoo.

im compiling a list of my favourite links so soon i'll have a links list up (hopefully) and then you can all go visit the places i frequent.

thats it i guess.



bonjour amigos! god im so fluent.

today i had a good day at work, trish ate some sushi and almost puked which was quite hilarious, i wish i coulda saw her face. hahahha
im trying not to include too much co-op stuff in the blog tho, because what happens at work is really none of your business. so fuck you bitch!
just kidding. thanks for reading this by the way. I need to get my xtras up so i can have a gbook since the blog comments arent working. stupid blog things. aRG.

well i gotta go chat up the lines..

XxX (and a whole lot more if u want...... ;P )



isnt it funny how we go through friends in life? Let me count how many best friends ive had in the last.... 5 years.

3. is that too little or too many or just right? WHO KNOWS! i sure dont. im sure im missing someone tho. HMMMMMMMM. maybe not. just a reflection.

fave song right now : GARBAGE - "breaking up the girl" - go download it.

Hey people! ive started co-op, my first week is over. so far i am liking it veryu much. i can finally not worry about school and worry about learning what i want to learn, graphic design. Im reading books and practicing again which is just great. i hope everyone is enjoying the havoc of school. I know i wont miss it. btw, im STILL listening to the new garbage album. its out on oct 2nd so everyone go and get its, its definetly gonna be a great album. however, the record company doesnt want to promote it as much as it should be. i am so mad at this. stupid record companies! ARG!

hopefully i'll survive co-op and everyone else will survive their problems.

keep all those from the NYC and pentagon terrorist attacks in your hearts and minds. they need our prayers.