There's nothing harder than being yourself in this small world of ours.


woooo today i had a day off.. kinda. I went to school! it was really quite easy. Basically we do no work, we only get assigned work and then we leave. Now i have 3 weeks to complete all that work basically. It wasnt really that much either. MEH!

tonight im going to durham college to get all the books from the colleges and stuff. Then i can decide where i really want to go post secondary EH!

well thats really all i have to say for tonight! shit i gotta bring back a movie! AH its due back for 6 and now its 4 and mel is coming to get me at 5! ahhhh




im having a lot of computer problems, we just installed a new hard drive on my computer and everything is going down the tube!



I just downloaded this "blog buddy" program that you can do blogs from your desktop or sumthing. very cool. i hope this works..... here goes nothing!


well its been a while since ive posted. its a lovely saturday morning. i love saturday mornings at home. cause no ones ever here! I've got my beautiful garbage cranked. I still have to find a cd that matches this one. Right now im compiling a list of stuff i want for christmas. This year i don't think a dog is gonna make it onto the list. oh well. I forgot all my stuff for school on monday at work and now im kinda screwed. I emailed my teacher to tell her, i hope she understands.

coughing up feeling just for you, to find something real to hold onto.

all i want for christmas this year is books.. its so wierd. i just bought some books alst night on my way home from work, "lord of the rings", "the hobbit" by J.R.R. Toliken (?) and "the magus" by john fowles. i started reading the magus and i fell asleep so i think i'll start reading another book. Lord of the rings perhaps.
i dunno whats going on with my browser, netscape doesnt like forms. you'd think they'd fix this thing eh? STUPID AOL TIME WARNER! So go to and search for my name (dave hurds) and buy me some stuff for christmas ok? ok. Let's hope u buy some good shit! I'm kinda cracking up cause britney spears' next album has (a cover?) of "i love rock and roll" on it... im sure i'll prefer the joan jett version. joan jett did an amazing cover of "season of the witch", which hole also covered on valentines day 1995. (their unplugged date) i cant press enter or this whole blog will screw up so instead im just typing. speaking of my typing, im getting better at not looking at the keys now. Infact, right now i'm not looking at them and typing a HELL of a lot slower than usual. MEH. do you find i mention something about my typing skills in ever blog? i do. well i gotta hop skip and jump outta here. go download............. "parade" by garbage, "shakedown" by the start and those joan jett songs. good morning! -DAVE