There's nothing harder than being yourself in this small world of ours.


hey! im supposed to get a call soon to go to some party... should be... interesting.

cya later!


hey dave addicts! heres your fix:

today my boss (or was it yesterday... yes yesterday!) said that if i did a good job on the website that he might find use in keeping me! isnt that good news!?!? I guess i really need to pull up my socks and show him what im made of!

he's kept me pretty busy lately with the website and editing a survey hes sending out soon. very cool stuff. not too graphical.. but i enjoy web design so... its all good!

survivors on tonight... i wonder what it'll be like with the new huge tribe? HMMM we'll see!

I have an ISU due in about a week.. so i have to get going on that too. i didnt bring my binder home with me tonight. I really want to do a good job on this! I have some great ideas but im not really sure about it.

i gtg survivor is almost on!



another monday over.. thank god. I thought i was going to have a terrible day today, but it ended up being really cool. Tomorrow i get to do some work on the company website. It'll be up int he next few days at
o you'll all get to see some of the work done by meeeee!

and if any of u plan on buy gift certificates from the oshawa centre in 2002, i worked on those too :)

c ya later!


who knew making a logo was so hard?
I was thinking for a hours on what i could do to remake the garage clothing logo. Then it came to me with the help of my boss (who seems to be getting a bit more friendly as time progresses). I also remade the ralph lauren polo logo. which was easy, after i had done the first one.

im definetly learning new things every day and look forward to getting my hands into everything in the graphics world.

CARPE DIEM! (I'm gonna need some of that this weekend with everything im doing!)


today in co-op i made these wicked apples in Adobe illustrator - who knew i was such an artiste.

hey, 1/2 way thru the week already! im going for a tour of the international academy of design next week some time. should be fun and interesting, a creative kick in the ass. also i signed up for college on monday.

St. Lawrence
George Brown

go see what i'm up for.

i really want to go here: , too bad it costs $10k a year.



ahhh college applications are dur TOMORROW! i have narrowed it down to 7. i have to eliminate 2! WHICH ONES WILL IT BE??


my life is good.


sappy sappy sappy.. what a week!

i feel like watching movies. i watched crouching tiger hidden dragon again today, its such a great movie. especially when jen and shu fight near the end! its the best scene....

tomorrow I have to go back to work, but im kinda looking forward to it because i know what im doing instead of having to figure it out and just sitting there doing my manual reading and application again. i dont mind it but hell, it gets boring after a few hours.
so far ive racked up 188 hours of co-op in the past 1 1/2 months. which is great.

which movie to watch HMMMMMM - interview with the vampire? saving private ryan? tomorrow never dies? seven? amaerican history x? jurrassic park? HMMMM such great choices!

for xmas i asked for a fish tank and some books, movies, games and cds. theres no major gift tho.
my dad tells me im gonna have to move out of my room for a little while we get the basement somewhat finished. thats ok with me.

I havent posted mackenzie pictures for a long long time so its near time i made some more eh?
*blows dust off digital camera*

ok gtg - til next time (how come ive been posting so much lately?



dont take any shit. not from anybody. do it for yourself. forget about what they say. their just wasting their time.


god grant me the serenity to accept what i cannot change, courage to change things i can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

to thine own self be true.

another week of work done - THANK GOD.
I had doubts about being a graphic designer for like 5 minutes the other day then i went through all the college books and it brought back all the memories of all my past work etc.

im learning a program called "ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR" which is really cool. I <3 vector graphics!