There's nothing harder than being yourself in this small world of ours.


another day off for dave = more time for nothing.
went shopping, was gonna buy 2 jackets for $10 each at old navy. then i found out why they were still left (this goes for every other great buy) - everything was small. no mediums, no larges. no nothing! i tried on this wicked jacket and my arms were like 10 feet out of the sleeve. i was pissed.

im downloading a whole bunch of xmen episodes. i loved that show. i'd be the first buying the DVD if they released a whole season. Whoever thought of that idea - fuck you're smart. thankyou.

im listening to the new unreleased alanis album titled "under rug swept". her new single is good, but its not the best of the album. some good songs are: "precious illusions", "still", and "surrendering". great chorusses. (does chorus have 2 S's when plural?) go downlaod those songs. good sheet - word to yer mom. lol.

i need to get out.



hey you! today is my first post-technolutions day! i had fun adn learned TONS about myself and my work.
so im done high school, which is strange. I don't think its hit me at all. maybe becaue hi school for me really sucked. i expected it to be like on tv. it wasnt. now im kinda screwed but it's nothing a little hard work wont fix. if i learned one thing from working these last six months its that hard work counts. I was looking through my writings today and i had 90 files in the directory. theres about 30 on the site right now, so i ahve some updating and revising to do. I plan to give this place a whole new makeover, But i know it wont be FOREVER. i really have to get my ass in gear. i have a lot more importtant things to worry about right now.

take college for instance. I have to have a portfolio entry ready for february first so that i can be received at the particular college by february 7th. Then i know i have another due on the 22nd. So it looks like i better start learning how to draw. right now the idea is just int he back of my head but i better get it out and in the open soon and start learning.

nothing really catastrophic has happened lately, so im not dying of anger or sadness. ive just made myself paranoid.... better find some wood to knock on.......


hey there dave fanatics!

well lots has been happening - xmas was fun! i got fish (maybe i can take some pictures of them for you huh?) i still ahvent named them. i think im gonna named on pokey. myabe another can be hokey? and the black one is speedy cause hes fat and slow!

well i have a lot of work to get done, i know i havent been posting and i suck and boo me and such but i really dont have a lot of time these days.

gotta go! work calls!