There's nothing harder than being yourself in this small world of ours.


Dave thoughts for today:

trying to be intellectual is a waste of time.
try soemthign a little more heart warming and brilliant like designing beautiful carpets and losing everything you've ever had to offer.

being a little more open can get you in trouble.
being a little sky can get you killed.

((which would you prefer?))

WOW! fuck off.
wow this, wow that.

alanis morrisette is intellectual. so is courtney love most of the time. shirley too.

good news! garbage is coming to toronto 4/17 or 4/19 i forget when. but soon. sweetass deal bitach.

bibbity bobbity boo! i think im falling for you!
summer nights fade into the winter winds and bird wont sing to us anymore.


not a nook - a book!

im seriously thinking about eating your wife... i mean......(!) re-doing this page!

im reading a nook right now called the project 50 and the logo is an !

try it. inspirational. hmmmmmm maybe....

you suck!