There's nothing harder than being yourself in this small world of ours.


hey losers! i saw bif last saturday - she was AMAZING! she played all her singles and a couple more great songs. mel came with me, she wasnt looking forward to it really, and then she went and was like WOAH, i think she's a bif fan now! so i made her a bif cd.

school is sucking. suck suck suck, I SUCK at drawing. I got a D on my last thing i handed in, and i expect like a D on this one.. if not an F. as in FUCKING FAILURE!

well things will get better.

i gotta go, im getting distracted


another week, another fun time... seriously, it's like one big art class.... my classes are FUN (except for art history, which is kind of boring, but that has everything to do with me and what i enjoy. im seeing bif on saturday which is amazing, she's one of my favourite artists, and I have all her cds. wooooo!

im getting into fiona apple, which is wierd. i've ad her cd "tidal" forever and never really liked it until now. the song "sleep to dream" is amazing. im really exploring all my cds for a perfect song to go along with a piece of art by kathe kollwitz, a famous german artist who lst her son in world war one. So i have two songs to choose to represent her "infant mortality" painting. it's either the foina apple song listed above (kind of a feminist anthem is applied to the picture) or "war child" by the cranberries, which almost fits the piece perfectly, and reflects upon the artist as well. im thinking definetly that one, but you never know... i was doing the raft of the medusa only a few days ago, now i changed artists and everything.... woo.

design and layout, still #1. it's really the class than brings all the other classes together and you apply what you learn from there. so i guess that's why i love it, its more general.

drawing. what can i say... i need a tutor. kinda pitiful but oh well. i didnt take art in high school. and i'm not gonna be a michelangelo ya know? i'm gonna be a computerologist! hahaha

i can't find my cd player. it's pissing me off. i keep leaving things everywhere and i dont know where i left them. for instance, i keep losing my art supplies and bag, i just leave them behind and forget to pick them up when class is over... i've done it twice now.... damn.

i gotta get going. homework must get done! i have to think up some crazy life/death transformation concepts. like showing a tomato and beside it a bottle of ketchup. i love that concept.


i just updated the writing section with 37 new files. so there's plenty more to read. please excuse the terrible look of them, as i had a problem with the background url's. and im in the middle of fixing that.

have a good weekend, and a good friday the 13th.



another week down the tube! i'm really having fun! no homework really... im gonna get ready fr a few things anyways though in order to stay ontop of it all when more projects start arriving. my favourite class is still design & layout. all we did today was have a GREAT discussion about design. and it's like i've finally arrived at where i want to be. my opinions matter and people listen. i'm speaking to people who are looking at what i'm saying and making opinions of their own about a design, and i love that. i used a mac for the first time in years. it was interesting. im looking forward to really learning it. i wonder what kind of assignments i'll be getting... hmm?

i'm listening to silverchair at the moment, their latest cd is like dream. it takes a few listens as background music and then a good lyric listen, then a great pore cleanse! hahaha... it's a great cd despite what anyone says. you could see from the last cd that this was the direction they were going to go in.

anyways, im really really enjoying college. it just keeps gettign better. next week should be even better, we're taking photos and such in photography class, new assignments in typography, layout and design, and drawing should be interesting.

and i'm not so worried about the drawing as i was before. i'll wait to get my marks back, but otherwise... i'm just above par i think. we all has to draw our impressions of durham college and really... mine wasnt bad compared to everyone elses. there was only 3 REALLY good ones that were like wow. the rest were like.... kinda abstract and out there, but with good concepts. even though she said NO ABSTRACT. whatever.

i'm actually getting to know my classmates/ fellow designers too, some of them are really nice.

and the weekend has begun!


i had my first GOOD day of school today. i wasnt nervous, i liked my teachers, and the subjects too! design and layout, photography and typography. Since i have fridays off, my weekend has begun. its really strange. I already have like 10 things to get done. I think my design and layout class will be my favourite. i really like our teacher. its a shame shes only a temp. i hope i get her full time next semester. she shes very genuine and funny. as does my photography teacher. the thing i love about them is they all have such passion about their work. it's really quite inspiring. One of my things to get done is get a 35mm camera. i'm going to like that class, i know it.

i just lost my train of thought, im listening to "this is the day" by the cranberries. it's a great song off their latest album.

backtoschool. yeah my typography teacher has this great funny accent. the guy beside me seemed like a little prick, the teacher was babbling so he puts up his hand and corrects him in this really snotty tone like trying to make him look stupid. there goes his appeal. most of the class doesnt know what a serif is asshole, shutup, it's the first fucking day of class.

im really looking forward to tuesday when I have design and layout again.

well i better get going. i ahve some more updating of this site to do. you might expect some more in the writing section soon.

au reviour



i hope you're all enjoying the new layout. i am.

so school started. so i know nobody. so that's lame. so im not enjoying it yet. so im getting a tutor for drawing class. so im asking my teacher tomorrow. so that's lame.

looking forward to tomorrow
leaves you with no control over today
living in the moment
is the only way to live

if you have one foot in yesterday and one foot in tomorrow, you'll shit all over today.