There's nothing harder than being yourself in this small world of ours.


whatever carla! is all i have to say to people who don't think before they speak. you think they know who i am and ahve absolutely no clue of where i'm coming from. who take things the wrong way and dont realise that, hey i'm trying to HELP YOU because you're MY FRIEND. whatever carla! to those who talk behind each others back, whatever to those who think they're better than everyone else, whatever carla! to those who love to be first place and when they dont get there they blame it on ME!

a big SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH to the girl who's causing me so much ARG and GRRR today, right when i dont need it. "don't embarass him" - FUCK OFF, you're the embarrassment! read a god damn book and learn something you dumb bitch!


the new kelly osbourne cd is sounding great on my mp3 player.... i'm definetly buying the cd!
good tracks include: "more than life itself", "on your own", "everything's alright"

i have to go.. work must start!


today i woke up to a pile of snow on the ground outside. its really quite breathtaking. its still falling now, 3 hours later. i made breakfast this morning and well.. i got shouted at for doing it. i didnt even make a mess. whatever.

i have a colour assignment i want to get done today.

I'm listening to some of my hole bootlegs. Hole is one of the best live bands of our time. Definetly. they don't need flahy lights to make a great show... with them its all about the ferociousness of it all. like quiet quiet quiet quiet SCREAMMMMM! its great. I'm so honoured and happy to have went and seen them live.
I still regret leaving early and not getting the guitar. I want to find the boy who has it and then buy it off him for $1000. I'd would. its amazing. probably only worth 1/2 that much really, but its all about the sentementality.

gotta go


hey there. im here listening to some songs off, they're good.
I got a camera this weekend, because i couldnt get one from the school so i just went out and bought one damn it! School is good. a little hectic (especially photography class & design) but they're still fun. i think i shoudl study for art history. we dont ahve anymore quizzes BUT it'll be good for me i guess.
Today i was thinking about how much i love design. it's definetly one of those great occupations that you ca really pour yourself into while still having absolute restrictions. unfortunatley, the reality is that the stuff we've been doing is like really great stuff that you'd never really get to do unless you're like really good or sumthing. in real life you get stuck with calendar jobs and the meat and potatoes.. like FORMS! I think the teachers are scared to tell us or sumthing. like reality doesnt exist in first year! haha unfortunatley - deadlines do!

I wish i could play guitar. but i know if i get one for christmas, i'll never practice and never learn because i have no clue where to start. TUTOR ME BABY. TOOT TOOT TOOTER MEEEEE

handed in a design today - it got mixed reviews. but im happy with it. i know if i would have seen it out in the real world i would have laughed. so it's all good. There weren't too many that really caught my eye and made me go wow! let me count them - 1(kinda good in concept, but excellent in execution), 2 (great execution, the concept could ave been stronger), 3( good concept and good design. best of show. it was almost the last one too.)

mine was well.... unique. If i ever get sent away from my art director / teacher and he says "none of your ideas are really strong".... "i think i would die". - such a great song by the bestest band ever - HOLE.

i'll leave you to download it while i go surf for some more inspiration - this issue of communication arts jsut didnt hit the spot. BYE BYE BLACKBIRDS.