There's nothing harder than being yourself in this small world of ours.


oh. i figure i might as well post regarding the war.

ok, there we go.

wow, no posts in a long time. nobody probably reads this anyways. if you are reading this, email me. , ok?

schools out. one year down, two more to go. damn it went by so fast. im kinda bummed it's over cause i just loved it. next year is supposed to be a killer. i'm sure i'll do fine though. im a bit ruff around the edges but it's nothing that i can't fix with some practice.
i try and read some of my textbooks / books to keep my mind on design. it keeps me fresh. i find myself frequently looking at design everywhere. it's hard to escape, and i'm sure it's only going to get worse with time. I was talking to a friend and he was telling me all about durham when he went (10 years ago) and it seems like not much has changed.

i tried networking my PC and mac together, and failed miserably. i just want to transfer some files over. now i have to go get a box to share my monitor with the PC. so i can use both at the same time basically. I've already filled 20GB of my 60GB hard drive. 7GB is music, the rest i suppose is programs and misc files.

anyways, on to the less boring:

my social life kinda picked up. and i've started doing some walking. i find it extremely refreshing and love the outdoors, even if it is being mass produced into housing. I usually bring a cd or two. last time i went i brogh madonna's new cd "american life" - at first i thought the songs sucked but then after a few listens.. i was hooked. so i bought it along with 6 other cds (poe's "Hello" and "Haunted", Matthew Good's first solo album "Avalanche" - great cd with a real political feel to it, Silverchair's "Freak Show", this cd almost completes my silverchair LP collection, Robbie williams' "Escapology", and finally PJ Harvey's "Rid of me". which i havent really listened to yet. supposedly its a fantastic album, but if i dont like it (it will be the 2nd PJ cd I've bought and didn't like) then i'm giving up on PJ. I'm saying this as i'm listenign to a remix of Chers "Believe". oh well. i was in a dancing mood after listenign to Justin timberlakes latest single "rock your body". a great track with amazing beats.

so marks come out on the 9th of this month. im expecting a few 70's and a couple 80's and a 60 (drawing class!) my marks will go down from midterm. cause midterm is just a sad idea of what your marks are. I shouldn't had set them as my expectations of the marks i am to soon receive. whatever.

i finally got a chance to use my Nikon SLR for my own deeds at a recent trip to the zoo. it's a shame that the batteries ran out ont he second roll because I HAD THIS AMAZING SHOT OF A POLAR BEAR lookign right into my camera from underwater. it was a nice head shot. i was PISSED. he seemed to be too, cause he got out of the water right after that.

did i mention SUMMER is here!?!?!?!
I feel good about it because i can see all my old friends (i was originally feeling kind of bad about the whole idea of everyone coming home because i've changed so much over the last year, it's amazing. i'm seriously not the same person i once was.

on that note,

i'm out. ;)