There's nothing harder than being yourself in this small world of ours.


in graphic design news: my corporate design teacher didn't know who paula scher was. although, i wasn't very current with the works of sual bass, neville brody, tibor kalman. I feel for paula sometimes. she's the only female graphic designer (famous) of our time. ONLY. FEMALE. she deserves some obvious recognition for playing witht he big boys. obviously something is wrong with the design business hierarchy for the top positions to be filled with men. something needs to change. the fight isn't over. men are not better than women at graphic design - bottom line. bottom line.

also, our teachers keep getting sick and i think its becoming a little excessive. i think i have missed 7 or so classes because of absent teachers. i pay for my education - but further more - i want one. to me it's all about absorption. the more i can learn, the better. my god. how am i supposed to learn anything without guidance? discipline? passion?

really - screw the money. give me love. give me passion. give me art and blood and sweat.

for once i realized that by saying "I'm marking the sweat on the page" my corporate design teacher really is something more than a semi-bitter screw the world kind of guy. he's kind of like me. or at least how i want to be. which makes me think that i'm not getting the education i deserve - one a larger scale. i'm thinking different school. but thats what i think. not what i'm going to do. oh my. how complex the mind is.

how simple it's functions and operations, yet what grand things it conjures. an exploration. i shall do the exploration. and it shall be grand and simple. perfect or wrong. perfect or perfect. yes.