There's nothing harder than being yourself in this small world of ours.


last night was a blast. the highlight was not darren, not andy, but mel and erin. oh my the boys were all over them! those teases! it was absolutely hilarious - they would have a circle of men around them the whole night. at one point i reched in to tap one of them on the shoulder, then some guy took my hand and threw it away from them, basically saying "they're mine, get lost". so i reached back in, tapped one of them, then signalled for them to come to me - and of course they did - then i looked at the guy and basically shook my finger at him saying "get the fuck away from my girls ASSHOLE!"

what fun! it was HILARIOUS.

on the darren / andy note: darren didnt show. andy and i exchanged glances (quite a lot lol) but near the end of the night he was dragged off by security. i should have gone and talked to him... damn.