There's nothing harder than being yourself in this small world of ours.


i had an interesting week. i'm still loaded with work from school - im headed there today to work on some assignments. im actually falling behind a little, which sucks.

my typing is more off than usual due to cutting myself with my x-acto knife (one of the big ones used for mounting). which is really surreal, but at the same time very actual because my finger looks horrible. one minute i was cutting a board, the next minute i'm chopping off fingertips. im lucky it was with a sharp blade and it was a clean cut, because the only pain i felt was when the doctor was freezing my hand (which had to be the most horrible feeling ever... all fleshy and pokey) and the final stitch, but that doesnt last very long. the freezing was "patchy" so the point of the 3rd stitch wasnt well frozen. but i survived. big baby.

my copy of sim city 4 arrived today. as well did a book "design issues". i read the prologue and it seemed quite interesting, a collection of design articles from the same magazine column. edited by DK Holland.

right now im listening to "in your eyes" by kylie minogue. good song chap.

i went on a shopping spree on thursday. another $500 down the drain. ah well. enjoy it while you can.

ouch. finger.

i better play some more sim city. then have a shower and go to the school. ya.