There's nothing harder than being yourself in this small world of ours.


well. i went out last night and made a total fool out of myself im sure. drunk at the pizza place after drinking at least 2 snooners (basically a small pitcher of beer) and then after we got out i just puked up the remainders of my pizza (not too much, but gross none the less)

i feel slightly hungover today, but nothing that wont stop me from destroying the universe and recreating it to my fittings. what fun that would be.

i need inspiration. i need openness. i need a god damn rush of thought which just isnt coming at all.

oh, i saw the matrix 3 last night also - good movie. we went to a really late show so i kept fallign asleep, i'll have to see it again to get everything that happened, although it wasnt as meaningful as the first and second, more of a wrap-up really.

well i really dont feel like writing anymore because nothing is coming to my head and i'm slowly being re-drained of all my thought and process.